It seems that we just aren't able to live without a cellphone. You could be a business owner incessantly in business meetings while on the run. A mom or father who went out for the night and wants to check up on the babysitter and make sure the kids are alright. Better still, a teenager who is constantly keeping in contact with all your pals at every waking moment. It doesn't matter how you look at it, we all basically need a cellular phone. Which is the reason today we are going to take a look at the LG 620G Prepaid cell phone.

Despite the need for a mobile phone, a lot of people are not able to obtain one because of the insanely high monthly fees or just have poor credit. That is where a prepaid cell phone comes in handy. And the smartest pick for a prepaid mobile phone is the prepaid phone by LG.

We'll initially take a look at the cell phone and then talk about the good things about using a prepaid mobile phone.

You get more than just a cell phone with the LG 620G. This cell phone has a built-in MP3 player, which means no more carrying around two separate devices. You can listen to the radio through the mobile phone's fm radio if you are bored with your mp3s. The LG 620G also features a speaker phone option, a voice recorder for brief memos and reminders, and a micro sd memory slot for easy expansion.

The battery for the prepaid LG phon is pretty good for its class with power that can go up to 5 hours of talking. Meaning you will not have to charge the phone as often. And for folks of you who don't talk on the phone often, the battery will last for as long as 9 days of being on but not being used.

Next, let's go over the charges for a prepaid phone. The LG 620G Prepaid charges $0.10 every minute to talkfor talking. It's a modest $50 for 500 minutes of talking. Although it might be no different compared to a monthly contract, if you take a closer look, you may in reality be saving money. Most mobile phone contract fees run $50 to $75 every month for 500 to 1000 minutes per month. However, what happens if you don't exhaust all those minutes Next month your bill is nevertheless the same. More fees and charges are added when you place a long distance call or make calls outside of your carrier's coverage range. If you use the LG 620G prepaid mobile phone, you can place normal calls, long distance calls or roam outside your carrier's area of coverage for just $0.10 a minute with no additional charges.

Now let's suppose that you were only able to get 120 minutes of talk time for the month of using your LG 620G prepaid mobile phone. It's merely $12 per month of actual cell phone usage. There is no other fee or penalty for not using the unspent 380 minutes. Thus, you could possibly save hundreds of dollars every year by only paying as you go. That's why a prepaid phone, especially the 620G from LG, is something that can be a good value to everyone.

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